“What’s this about… why are you creating this FREE Content for me? ”

Because you won’t that’s why 🙂

All kidding aside, the biggest thing we hear from agents we work with is… “How can I get more of my leads to convert?”

And the answer is always:

“Stay in front of them with cool stuff.”

But few agents ever do it.

You either

  • Don’t know what to create
  • Don’t know when to send it (or how)
  • Or you just plain forget to execute on very necessary part of your marketing.

This is a problem …(unless you’re cool with working for Zillow someday…)

Unless you can efficiently build “top of mind” status and become known as a “specialist” in a specific market area or around a certain type of property or transaction, things don’t look good for your longevity in the business.

You’ll either end up having to find something else to do…

Or you’ll have to work for Zillow or some other big company who will pay you something like $40k a year to open doors for all the leads they’re generating.

Anyway…whether or not you agree with these statements, there’s one thing that’s certain.

If you can create, curate, and share fun useful real estate content on a regular basis, you will make more money…

So, thanks for being here and please do feel free to use any of the content on this site however you like..



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